WooCommerce Quick Edit Products Pro

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This plugin will help you easy to interact with modification on Woocommerce products. Serving for the purposes of interating faster, save your time, convenient and easier, the powerful functions/feactures are placed and able to use on same one screen. They're listed and detailed on FEATURES section below.




Extra features/functionality are provided from the plugin:

You could get demo in here:

Demo WooCommerce Quick Edit Product Pro (user: demo / password: demo)

= Requirements =

* PHP 5.3+

* WooCommerce: version 2.4.x

* WordPress: version 4.x

= Install Methods =

Note: If you are using and existing "WooCommerce Quick Edit Products Pro (Lite), Please deactivate and delete lite version before install this full version OR You also can upload overwrite if you want.

* Download [`woocommerce-quick-edit-products-pro.zip`] locally
    * Through WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New
    * Click Upload
    * "Choose File" `woocommerce-quick-edit-products-pro.zip`
    * Click "Install Now"
* Download and unzip [`woocommerce-quick-edit-products-pro.zip`] locally
    * Using FTP, upload directory `quick-edit-products-pro` to your website's `/wp-content/plugins/` 

= Activation Options =

* Activate the "WooCommerce Quick Edit Products Pro" plugin after uploading
* Activate the "WooCommerce Quick Edit Products Pro" plugin through WordPress Admin > Plugins


The main panel 


= Quick edit product inline =

At the main panel, edit all products in product list you need and click button Save All to save to database


Add more product columns to edit via 'Screen Option' =


= Add/Edit new product easier and faster with full options and features as Woocommerce Adding New Product with popup panel =

* Add new product via button 'Add(s)'

* To edit product 


= Config Setting for: delete confirmation, change edit/add product row color =


Add/remove product featured image and product galleries inline =


How to Add/Edit attributes and variations of variable product in-line =

* Edit attribute value via button "Edit attributes"

* Edit variation product via button "Edit variations"


Delete PERMANTLY multiple products =

* Select product to delete


Export product data by search/filter result to Excel file type =

* The export panel

* Export for a whole product data: will export all product data if don't use search/filter feature

* Export the result after search/filter: before use feature export, use search/filter to get result 

* The Excel template result


Update a bulk products by importing alerts from Excel file type =

* To update a bulk products, need to use the database after export via button Export to Excel above. That database will get column ID

* Edit all value need to edit and save that file

* Import via button Import by Excel


Adding/importing new products respective each woocommerce product type through Excel file type =

* Import via button Import by Excel

* The import panel

* Export template to input database: we got four kind of databases to export for four Woocommerce product group

* The template after export: input all your database with the correct column

* Import database via tab Import Product: select file via Choose a file for importing... and Import

* Result after import

* The list logs


Import product of variable product group =

* Create a template variable to prepare database

* Create attribute if that need

* Template after export

* Requirements : one or more than parent exist, all child will add into the near parent above

* Import database via tab Import Product: select file via Choose a file for importing... and Import

* Result after import


= 1.0.3 =
- Add new features: Quick Add/Edit attributes and variations of variable product.

= 1.0.2 =
- Remove features "Auto changes products to OUT OF STOCK when the Stock Qty <= 0".
- Fix issue SALE PRICES don't appear on the front end.
- Fix issue show "Price Free" when update products from Excel file.
- Fix issue can't import products by excel file from google spreadsheets.

= 1.0.0 =
- Initial code release